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April 15th by DreamSwap_Ink (3 New songs!) Music of ToPH Characters by 9rainbowtails [ crawling back to you ] by evcatastrophe; Sign if you like Undertale remix remix remix remix remix remix remix remix by Shy_Sings13; Naruto ending 1. By Obliviouss (Closed) *CC* Burn the House Down by angelicsilence; I Am The Man meme ToPH by 9rainbowtails The au Dreamswap belongs to onebizarrekai. I made this skin about 7-8 months ago but had not realized others might want to use it. So i hope you enjoy. Note: Ds!Ink was redesigned, i … Why is it called Dreamswap if it’s not just Dream and Nightmare swapping? The incident that happened in Dreamtale is the center focus due to its effect on everything in general. Thanks to some different decisions that the twins made, Dream ended up being the one who ate the apples (the golden ones) instead of Nightmare. Ink that day joined the Dream, betraying Cross. When he escaped from the guards, he came across Nightmare, who miraculously escaped from prison. And then the first quarrel. I tried for the first time to make a comic without any text, relying on the emotions of the characters /-\ DreamSwap_Ink _Storyshift_asriel_ Mao-Mao-fan midnight_wolf_wierdo exquisitetrash Followers View all-sky-flex- shcs4d2020 -NeverGonnaGiveYouUp -SnowiiCatii- _Storyshift_asriel_ Mao-Mao-fan midnight_wolf_wierdo Arrowhead59 Whitepigeon If we talk between good and evil, then Blue is the same neutral side. He just often likes to mock people passing by and scare them, but that doesn’t make him angry. (DREAMSWAP) Ink's Theme by OneBizarreKai published on 2018-03-23T20:50:53Z. Recommended tracks Shy Sings Megalomaniac-Matryoshka Parody-{StarBeam ver.}【Undertale】 by ShySiesta published on 2016-10-01T02:56:13Z Undertale OST - Heartache (Music Box Version) by Siner'sTyle published on 2016-11-09T11:32:54Z

May 16, 2019 - Read Jsjsj V: from the story Undertale And AU's Im s. By sora_8059 (Algo) with 7,708 reads. Dusthorror, misdibujos, kustard. La cara del Ink xD... Ink!Sans0.2.5 Mild Cartoon Violence Animated Bloodshed Development Stage. Early Access. Engine/Language. Game Maker Published On. February 8, 2018 You May Also Like. Free. BadtrapGamer/BRTE SansMutiverse(Sans Simulator) Free. Blu85 … In Dreamswap ink prende il posto di cross sostanzialmente. Parlando della Justice reigns invece lo scheletro accompagnare dream in tutte le missioni ma se si tratta di andare in qualche au problematico dove ad esempio le persone sono molto irritabili dream non porterebbe

Heyah! Can I ask or a question :v How do dreamswap dream like/love dreamswap ink? I do not quite understand this question, but I will try to answer. I perceive Dream and Ink as a complex relationship between the boss and the underling. Their relationship is developing very slowly, especially because of the lack of soul Ink. I think this is Characters: DS Blue and DS Ink (Basically all the DS Cast that is mentioned in here) Fandom: Undertale (Dreamswap) Credit: Dreamswap belongs to @//onebizarrekai. I am writing too much DS for the life of me but I love them so whoops This takes place in Outcome B I believe? Radiant Noot,, — Ink didn’t know how this happened, but it did. Dreamswap Ink Girl Nepptunesx. 57 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Feb 01, 2019 . About 1 year ago . 450 . 46 0 -1. Im not really proud of the rainbow hair tbh- Show More. Show Less. Upload Download Add to wardrobe 3px arm (Slim) Background Dreamswap Ink Girl Nepptunesx. 57 + Follow - Unfollow

"Heheh. Well, justice reigns brother." ~~~ //Heya. You can call me Ink, and I am an Undertale roleplayer. I've been roleplaying for 5 years now.. I think. Recently I got into the Dreamswap AU {AUAU? Alternate Universe's Alternate Universe?} where everything is the opposite of the other AUs. Dream ate a golden apple, Ink is pretty much emotionless 24/7, Blue is the glitch/destroyer, Nightmare He handed the work to another guard. “She must be stopped. I’m sending you eight along with Ink to lead the party. Best of luck to all of you. Kill her and return, that’s all I need. Dismissed.” Ink impatiently led the eight through, not even waiting for them to catch up. Fennan … My art dreamswap ds blue ds ink ds dream. 186 notes. 186 notes Apr 21st, 2020. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; rozallearts liked this . … Ink by @comyet / @myebi Empireverse by @lunnar-chan inktobertale inktobertale2020 ink!Sans empireverse rly interesting and kinda sad concept with those sun/moon marks ;3; also Ink is a heir of Dream in Empire of the Sun o_o check them out for more info *^* undertale undertale au utmv zu art AUs that are focused on a particular set of characters. These include headcanons, extensions, and flat out new ideas. May 16, 2019 - Read Jsjsj V: from the story Undertale And AU's Im s. By sora_8059 (Algo) with 7,708 reads. Dusthorror, misdibujos, kustard. La cara del Ink xD...

Find the hottest dreamswap stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about dreamswap on Wattpad. So this is BalanceSwap! Here, Pastel (Dream) is the Creator while his Twin Brother, Cheshire (Nightmare) is the Destroyer. Along with these two there's Illusion (Ink) Guardian of Positivity, and his little brother, Misery (Error) Guardian of Negativity. {Eternal Love} An DreamSwap Ship B... By Lilac Rosespikes 2.8K 192 11 After over a century of the war of justice, the lord and guardian of positivity finally gave in to his heart, his deepest desires. Stream (DREAMSWAP) Blue's Theme by OneBizarreKai from desktop or your mobile device. SoundCloud (DREAMSWAP) Blue's Theme by OneBizarreKai published on 2018-06-13T07:28:19Z. NOW WITH AN ORCHESTRA Comment by 🖤~Bear~🖤 This I can relate to. 2020-10-03T00:42:52Z Comment by Try and get the friend and cheater to talk. Things might not have happened how you think it happened. Creator of Greyscale, Dreamswap, Isaac Beamer and a million other things. Facts about the Dreamswap characters for your knowledge, entertainment or recollection • Dream runs an organization (Justice Reigns) that specializes in killing criminals, but also takes care of everyone it can. Ink was immediately influenced by Dream’s aura, realizing that he was actually feeling something without the help of his vials (coughmedicationcough). With the offer to work for Dream and ‘help the multiverse’, in addition to the promise of a better life than the one he was living, Ink …

@with-bells-upon @thegreatyin since og!Template’s design resembled og!Ink’s design i wanted to do the same here in a sense with of course some differences -i know this technically go against like the whole “dreamswap is just these 6 roles being reversed” but please, humor me okay. I am aware that it goes against it hgslhgak;ldkgha Ink by @comyet / @myebi Empireverse by @lunnar-chan inktobertale inktobertale2020 ink!Sans empireverse rly interesting and kinda sad concept with those sun/moon marks ;3; also Ink is a heir of Dream in Empire of the Sun o_o check them out for more info *^* undertale undertale au utmv zu art

Shattered!Dream is one of the Corrupted Star Sanses, along with Error!Ink and YanBerry Sans. Shattered!Dream is a character from current SD!AU comic along with Ink!Pool , Nightmare and Blueberry Shattered!Dream chose his name upon the word dream shattered and he really hates his original name as it reminded him of his past. This artifact was made by Ink (Who infused it with the AU travel magic.) as a gift for your grandma to symbolize their friendship, and was then passed down to you. (More info in story as to WHY Ink made it, why it was passed down to you, ect. ╔─━━━━━━ ★ ━━━━━━─╗ Dreamswap ╚─━━━━━━ ★ ━━━━━━─╝ Dreamswap foi criado por Onebizarrekai http::small_orange_diamond: Hist a e fazendo o

Dreamswap belongs to @onebizarrekai. Dreamswap ds dream dream sans dreamswap art dreamswap fanart young artist undertale undertale multiverse. 305 notes... Ahem, @somebodyalreadytookthis2 I drew Frog Ink on an adventure with Dream watching on and probably protecting him from curious cats . Dreamswap Nightmare has been caught by his brother. He know that Dreamswap Dream will not spare him now that he has separate their "destiny bond", but he has one last request for his brother. In this story the characters are humans with some skeleton's features, like magic, the capacity of change their reproductive organs ecc. Dreamswap Week ShandyCandy278. Summary: Kai posted prompts for Dreamswap and I am SO DOWN! Day 10: Justice Reigns will pay. Notes: Prompt: Calm. This is really short, but I hope you guys enjoy! Chapter 1: Day 1 Chapter Text “What are you doing?” Glowing yellow eyes opened at the question, and Dream turned to look at Ink. His wings fluttered

Oct 6, 2018 - Some more Dreamswap stuff. The first is my idea of what would happen if Dreamswap!Nightmare met the original Dream. He’d do what he does best, make Dream feel bad. (Some things never change) Those...

(Fucking dreamswap Ink why are you so precious!? 8w Reply. Prosto.Shtoto666. What is the name of this song? 8w 2 likes Reply. View replies (2) xx_besit_xx 260 Likes, 4 Comments - 『 ᵈʳᵉᵃᵐˢʷᵃᵖ ⁱⁿᵏ 』 (@ink.Dreamswap.Master) on Instagram: “Hey... You again? Get the hell away from him you perv Sans AU RP [REBIRTH], a Studio on Scratch. Yeah. The old one died. UwU. You get manager if you can give me a link to the old one~ uwo DreamSwap_Ink dTartar Leila_dTartar Berricake come_steal_my_accoun CCs_Forever AskSomeJiyraAUs _Krym loganvcairns X-Nightmare-X oven226__ Sans_But_Blonde AskSpiderDadAndKids QueenUnderSilverpelt GirlXMusic Noah_il_Ninja DreamSwap_Ink Melancholy_Ganz OrbotSonic Napstablook10 __hOrrOsAns__ peachachica hurricane459 KitCat2020 hom209 Xetty- US_Doggo NOOTMAREISCHILL -SansTheSkeletons- --Just_Billcypher-- Goomba55 A-cup-of-Matcha Underverse underverse 0.4 underverse spoilers underverse ink ink to be continued spicy memes i spent time on this and it was the best decision ive ever made goodbye ink 428 notes Loading... It seems you stumbled upon my profile. Hello Hello! Welcome to my bio!! I roleplay as DreamSwap!Ink ~~~~~ ~Character Info~ xxXGenderXxx Also. 27 Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from αи є∂gу вσχ σf ѕкιттℓєѕ on your desktop or mobile device.